Our Story

Newly established, One Peace is a luxury lifestyle brand cultivating considered, effortless and timeless one-pieces for conscious women around the world. Founded by a deep desire to create meaningful pieces that are a poster child for positive change. Each one piece is a symbol of unity and made in harmony with both people and planet.

The story of how OnePeace came to be is particularly serendipitous - a series of life events that make the brand almost seem destined from the very beginning. Founder, Anna Grundy has always had a deep love of fashion and its ability to empower people. Despite studying it at university, she felt the industry was misaligned with her values and never pursued it. Fast forward to today, and she owns a creative studio called Puraest that builds purpose-led lifestyle brands like ours. The idea of OnePeace was planted two years ago when Anna was creating a portfolio of dream brands within the areas she was passionate about. Renowned for wearing jumpsuits, combined with being a lover of sustainability, symbolism and double entendres - the name OnePeace was brought to life. This beautiful alchemy of events all came together to create a life’s purpose, one you will see sewn into every fibre of the brand.

To inspire intention, cultivate beauty and be a symbol of harmony between
people and planet. To redefine and simplify your wardrobe with classic pieces,
designed to last a lifetime.


People are the beating heart of our brand. We care deeply for the talented men and women behind the scenes and recognise the strain fast fashion has placed upon them. Whether it be one of our suppliers, a colleague or a customer, we seek to empower each and every person by treating them fairly with kindness, compassion and respect. In doing so, we strive to build a community of like-minded individuals intrinsically linked by a fundamental desire to have a positive impact on the world.


Our fundamental desire to protect the natural world underpins every single business decision - we strive to be defined by what we create, not by what we destroy. We are accountable for transforming the design process to ensure we preserve natural resources, understand the lifecycle of each and every fibre we use and unequivocally avoid unnecessary waste. We are committed to taking progressive strides, for we know action is the antidote.


At One Peace, we believe in a brighter future. Traditionally, fashion functions as avehicle for fast-paced consumerism. We’re on a quest to cultivate a slower, more measured approach to fashion. Each piece is consciously created as an embodiment of the movement towards positive change. We’re dedicated to making it easy for consumers to align with labels that do good, so beyond just looking good - our customers feel good. We are committed to broadening our perspective by staying informed, challenging the status quo and maintaining integrity throughout our operations.


Designed to transcend seasons, each piece is a manifestation of quality over quantity and doing more with less. Guaranteed to retain their shape and hold seam integrity, each one piece is carefully made to be both loved and lived in. Equally effortless and timeless, our garments form the foundation for a simple, everyday wardrobe that never goes out of style.


Purpose over profit is an integral thread woven into the very fabric of our brand. The pursuit of profit enables One Peace to authentically align with our vision and mission to galvanise meaningful change. Our profits allow us to support our community via employment opportunities, enables us to leverage sustainable manufacturing technologies and innovations, and above all - allow us to be a resounding voice at the forefront of the sustainable fashion revolution.