Our Makers

Each and every piece is handmade by our beautiful team of women based in Vietnam. We pay a monthly fee to ensure they earn a sustainable income that is above living wage and are given support to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. Our talented team make our ethical and sustainable manufacturing principles possible and we are forever grateful to have them as part of our team.

Our Pieces

We are inspired by nature’s incredible ability to create such deeply considered, beautiful and functional beings. Using mother nature’s design principles, each piece is created with a purpose to make the wearer feel empowered by being both beautiful and comfortable. Equally effortless and timeless, our pieces are designed to transcend seasons and form the foundation for a simple, everyday wardrobe that never goes out of style.

Our Packaging

All elements of our packaging are created with the intention to strike a balance between beautiful and sustainable. Our manufacturing process and packaging is com pletely plastic-free with us carefully selecting the best eco-friendly alternatives. All our labels are made for recycled fibres and each piece is lovingly wrapped in compostable mailers and FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper. Our marketing material is printed on carbon neutral ECOstar paper stock that is 100% recycled post-consumer using soy-based inks.

Our Promise

One Peace was created as a symbol of how every being is intrinsically linked, with the purpose to inspire the power of us all coming together in creating a brighter future for our planet and our people. We promise to always embody this metaphor and forever strive to make it a reality. Inch by inch and seam by seam, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible to bring you beautiful pieces that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Our approach is to create consciously, engage in ongoing reflection and continually drive progress towards sustainability, circularity, inclusivity and transparency.